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The company Xotelia was born in Grenoble in 2012 from the will of its founder, Jeffrey Messud then 24 years old, to provide a solution exclusively dedicated to small and medium hosts.

This idea of taking an interest in the problems and challenges encountered by the owners of bed and breakfast intervenes as the logical continuation of his career path.

Jeffrey graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Finance in Switzerland. He then joined Expedia and later Movenpick.

The development of the software took 6 months. The first Xotelia members were all from the Valley of Chamonix. Success was almost immediate.

For Jeffrey Messud and his team, the success of the project depends largely on listening to its members.

Meet our team

+ 35, 000 units managed through Xotelia.

Present in 82 countries.

+ 1,000,000 bookings have already passed through Xotelia.

+ 60 OTA partners.

16 collaborators

11 different nationalities

10 languages spoken

Average age: 28 years old

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