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Become a reseller of the Xotelia solution

Xotelia gives a great importance to develop a relation of trust with its partners.

Xotelia encourages a mode of indirect distribution of its solution through a network of carefully selected partners.

What are the conditions for becoming a Xotelia reseller?

Whether you are a webmaster, a rental management consultant or you have an important network in the vacation rental industry, you are qualified to promote the Xotelia solution.

However, you must meet both of the following criteria:

  • Not be yourself, customer and user of the Xotelia solution.
  • The marketing and sale of the Xotelia solution cannot be your only professional activity.

Which benefits ?

  • You will be awarded a 10% commission on the total cost of the subscription once the payement is settled from the lead you brought.
  • Once you reach 30 brought contracts, your commission rate will increase by 15%.

Please fill in the form below to formalize our collaboration.

A draft contract will be sent to you within 24 hours (business day) by email.