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TripConnect: the booking tool of TripAdvisor®

Thanks to Xotelia's Premium Partnership with TripConnect, you are able to display your inventory directly on your TripAdvisor profile from now on.

OTAs such as or Expedia don’t have the exclusivity of capturing your guests on TripAdvisor anymore. You are able, from now on, to display and synchronize the availabilities and rates of your rental from your Xotelia account directly on TripAdvisor, avoiding overbookings.

How can I activate TripConnect on my TripAdvisor profile?

It is required to use a booking engine certified by TripAdvisor in order to use the TripConnect service. Xotelia became a TripConnect Premium Partner, which means you can start using the TripConnect service by using our booking engine.

How does my rental benefit from the Xotelia/TripConnect service?

88% of online visitors consults customer review websites such as TripAdvisor to prepare their stay*. Tourist accommodation that are not registered on these websites lose a unique opportunity to gain in online exposure. By offering instant booking on TripAdvisor, you can increase your chances to capture this demand.

  • Make your rental more visible online with a new distribution channel.
  • Capture the international demand **
  • Adapt your rate plan on your Xotelia account.
  • Avoid overbookings by displaying your availabilities and rates from Xotelia directly on TripAdvisor.

TripConnect proposes two types of formulas for you to generate bookings on TripAdvisor.

How can I use TripConnect and Xotelia together?

Once you’ve synchronized your Xotelia account, TripConnect instantly verifies the availabilities and rates of your rental and displays them on TripAdvisor.

Willing to start using it now?

1) If you are not a Xotelia member yet, sign up with us here.

2) Inform your Xotelia account manager that you are willing to activate TripConnect.

3) Connect to TripAdvisor via this link and follow instructions.

4) You are ready to receive your bookings directly from TripAdvisor!

* Infographic “The impact of customer review and e-reputation for e-businesses” –

** TripConnect offers instant booking to online visitors from South Africa, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Ireland, India, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and United States.